Our Mission

To provide extraordinary service to our clients by utilizing our knowledge and expertise in their best interest. To always be sensitive to our client's needs and concerns - to address them with compassion, understanding, empathy and expediency.

The Sultan Agency
3888A Merrick Road  Seaford, Long Island, NY 11783

Serving the community since 1979

Count on the experts at The Sultan Agency to meet your insurance needs.

The Sultan Agency
3888A Merrick Road
Seaford, Long Island, NY 11783

Why "The Sultan Agency"?

  Quality Personal Advice - Our insurance experts are on staff and ready to personally assist you with your insurance needs

  Fast Approval

  Convenient Shopping - In one visit, we can address all your insurance needs

  Convenient Location - Our offices are located on Merrick Road, in the heart of Seaford, Long Island

  Convenient Hours - Our offices are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM - plus you can email us anytime and we will promptly respond

Office: (516) 783-5628
Office: (516) 783-5544
Toll Free: (800) 263-1733
Fax: (516) 783-5568



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